Digital gift cards & certificates for your business

Gift cards for your business

Sell your own gift cards & gift certificates on your website with no monthly fee

• Digital • Physical• Instant • Scheduled• By email/post

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Beautiful gift cards with your branding


Easily design beautiful gift cards/certificates with your branding & logo. Get access to 100's of unique, beautiful designs —you can style it to look any way you want.

A small selection of the designs available

Or design / upload your own design...


Sell on your website / Facebook...


2 minute DIY install into any website

Let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly on your website. (See live examples herehere here)

  • Want to sell gift credit? No problem.
  • Want to sell experiences? Easy.
  • Want to sell your services? Consider it done.
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1-Click Facebook installation*

We also offer a 1-click solution to install the gift card checkout for your store inside your Facebook page as another tab (live example here)

It's super simple and you do not need a website to use Gift Up! 

* Due to recent Facebook developments, our facebook app can only be installed on pages with over 2000 likes


Works with any website, including:


Email & postal delivery,
instant or scheduled.


Fully automated email delivery

Buyers can choose to have the gift card emailed instantly or schedule it for a special occasion. The recipient then receives an email in their inbox with a fully branded card/certificate they can either printdownload, or save to their phone "wallet" via Apple pay / Android pay.


Accept postal orders for your gift cards (optional)

If you want, you can turn on the ability for your customers to buy your own printed gift cards/certificates as an alternative to our automated email gift cards. This is great if you already have printed gift cards ready-made.


A buying experience your customers will love

A beautiful, out of the box experience that you and your customers will love. Using the latest modern technology, like Apple payAndroid pay as well as regular credit & debit cards. 

To pay for a sample gift card in our demo checkout below, use this card

Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiry: 12/20
CV2: 123
Zip code: 12345

You can also test applying a promotion by entering the code STEAK10

Gift Up! is fully translated into 19 different languages which you can choose from in your account setup.


Payments taken & paid directly into your bank by...


Accept your gift cards with ease


Accept in-store via your POS or using our mobile/web app...

Use our free app (Google Play & Apple) for in-premises gift card validation & redemption. It's super simple and you can use any device, your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.

You can also embed our web app directly inside of your point of sale terminal.

Including support for: 

  • Scanning of gift cards
  • Partial-redemption supported out of the box
  • Top ups

Accept gift cards in your shopping cart

Accept gift cards you've sold in your checkout system with ease using our integrations with our shopping card partners, including spending gift card balances over several orders.


Use our API for a custom integration with your app

We have a fully featured RESTful API so you can tie in your platform with ours. Totally free of charge.


  • Redeeming gift cards as part of your own checkout/booking system
  • Automatically creating gift cards for us to send to recipients
  • Replacing our checkout experience with your own

Full management dashboard

We believe in making software clear and simple. We provide an easy to use, fully featured management dashboard, keeping you in control.

Modify, change expiry dates, update what you sell and much more...











No monthly fees or setup costs

We charge a fee of 3.49% when a gift card is bought
(but you can opt for your customers to pay this if you prefer)


✔  No setup or hidden costs

✔  Pay only if you sell a gift card

✔  Gift Up! system is totally free to use

✔  You get paid on a rolling 2-day basis


A worked example: 

$50 gift card sold
$0.90 payment partner fee*
$1.75 our fee

$47.35 paid into your payment account instantly

* We use your Paypal or Stripe account to take payments, so the fee can vary
(see Stripe fees and PayPal fees)


Some common questions


Is it really free?

Yes, really. 100% no monthly fees, no setup fees. We do collect a 3.49% fee every time you sell a gift card, but you can opt for your customers to pay this when they buy a gift card if you prefer. Either way, you get paid in full within 2 days.

How do customers pay?

After a simple copy/paste installation of our checkout system on your website, your customers pay for their orders using either credit/debit cards, Apple pay, or Android pay

What about printed/postal gift certificates?

If you currently sell physical gift cards and post them out, you can do this in Gift Up! as well. Your customers will get a choice how their gift card gets delivered during checkout. You can also charge for postage. 

Are you a booking system?

No. There are already plenty of excellent booking systems out there and we did not want to re-invent the wheel. 

We recommend treating our gift cards like cash and take them as payment in-store, then use our mobile apps to redeem money off them at the point of sale.

Can I take payments in my currency & language?

You bet. Choose from 135+ different currencies to take payment in. View all currencies supported.

Popular currencies are USD, AUD, GBP and Euros... all fully supported.

We also have a fully translated buying experience for your customers in 19 languages

How do you make sure gift certificates only get used once?

We have mobile apps, and a website that you can use from any Internet connected device to validate and redeem the gift cards/certificates you receive at the point of honouring them. 

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