Some common questions


Is it really free?

Yes, really. 100% no monthly fees, no setup fees. We do collect a 3.49% fee every time you sell a gift card, but you can opt for your customers to pay this when they buy a gift card if you prefer. Either way, you’ll see the money in your bank account in 2 working days.

How do customers pay?

After a simple copy/paste installation of our checkout system on your website, your customers pay for their orders using either credit/debit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay & Google Pay

What about printed/postal gift certificates?

If you currently sell physical gift cards and post them out, you can do this in Gift Up! as well. Your customers will get a choice how their gift card gets delivered during checkout. You can also charge for shipping. 

Can this work with my POS terminal?

Possibly. We have some built in ways to make Gift Up! work with your POS terminal.

The best thing to do is get in touch with us to discuss.

Can I take payments in my currency & language?

You bet. Choose from 135+ different currencies to take payment in. View all currencies supported.

We also have a fully translated buying experience for your customers in 19 languages

How do you make sure gift certificates only get used once?

We have mobile apps, and a website that you can use from any Internet connected device to validate and redeem the gift cards/certificates you receive at the point of honouring them.