Instant gift cards for your website

Management & Reporting

Keep on top of your outstanding gift cards with ease. Report on how much you've sold and how many cards are un-redeemed at any point in time.


Report sales

We've got charts and tables to show you everything you need to know from revenue, to expired to un-redeemed gift card values. 

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Edit gift cards

Need to update a gift card due to a customer mistake? Need to edit an expiry date? Need to resend an email because the customer lost a gift cards? No problem, do it all with our web app. 

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Figure out what sells

Ever wondered what sells the most? Wonder no more, we work it out for you. Then you can adjust your inventory to make life simpler for your customers. 

Customize Everything

Make it your own with Gift Up!

You can customize all aspects of what your customers see. Leaving them feeling like it was especially made by you.


Customize your gift cards & certificates with our easy designer

Modify how your gift cards look with our easy to use designer, right in your browser. Change things like fonts, colours, logos and the text that appears on the gift card to make it look and feel like your own brand. 


Customize the emails they get

When we email a gift card to either the purchaser or recipient, you get to update the logo and signature in the email so that it's the right balance of "works out of the box" and is branded like your business.


Seamlessly integrated with your website

Our website widget is super simple to install on your website and takes all of 60 seconds. You also get complete control over how it looks so it feels a native part of your website and they don't go anywhere to place the order. 

& more...


Complete Control Over What You Sell

Inventory describes the things you sell to your customers. It could be services you offer, like "1 Hour Massage", or it could be some fixed values like $50.

You're in complete control. 

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Completely flexible definition of your services

Enter your services that you'd like to be bought as gift cards really easily. Specify discounted pricing if that's your thing. Whatever works, we have the system for it. 

Allow your customers to buy any mix of the following:

  • Your services (i.e. "1 Hour Massage", "30 Minute Training Session" etc...)
  • Value based amounts (i.e. $50, $100 etc...)
  • Custom value amounts (i.e. they enter the amount)

Allow gift cards of any value to be bought

Sometimes customers want to spend a certain amount. With Gift Up! they can do just that, if you let them.

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Define your own gift cards expiry dates*

It's really important that you get to control the default expiry date on gift cards. We support any number of months from 1 to never expires to leave you in complete control over the un-redeemed/expired gift cards. 

You can also edit any gift card to change the expiry date on that gift card only for when you want to apply some discretion.


* Not available in the USA due to federal law

Redeeming Gift Cards


It's really important to be able to seamlessly validate and redeem gift cards in practice as a form of payment. We've got that covered with our simple app. 

  • Works on any device. iPhone, Android, iPad & laptops, no problem.
  • Invite your colleagues so they can redeem gift cards on behalf of the company (great if you have staff or multiple locations)
  • Supporting part gift card redemption out of the box, allowing your customers to use part of a gift card (i.e. they take 1 hour of a 2 hour massage today, with another in the future)

No more gift card fraud or bad customer experiences, just enter the gift code in our app and redeem (or part-redeem) it there and then. 


Your Customers Will Love It

(& you will too)

It's really important that your customers are comfortable ordering gift cards and get control over what the recipient gets, and when. We've baked that philosophy in.


Here's why your customers will love you:

  • Gift Up! is 100% secure by design
  • They can pay using any card; they do not need to create a Paypal account to pay
  • They can specify who gets the gift card, them or the recipient
  • Gift cards are emailed instantly, great for the last minute gift
  • The order is made directly on your website with our 60 second widget install