Victoria's Success Story

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Victoria Armstrong owns a massage practice in a cosmopolitan area of Bristol. The business has 6 practitioners and Victoria was looking to grow the business.



Victoria and her practitioners were frequently asked for gift vouchers so she knew there was an opportunity to increase sales & delight her clients.  She looked at her Google analytics data and this also told her that people were searching on her site for gift vouchers.

Victoria wanted to offer gift vouchers but wanted to make sure they looked professional. She was also worried about how she would control all of her gift vouchers and let her team redeem them.

How Gift Up! helped

Victoria installed Gift Up! on her site and the sales quickly came. She made a few changes to her website to make the 'buy a gift voucher' very clear on the home page and sales sky rocketed.

Voucher sales added over 20% revenue to Victoria's business and she is delighted.

She also found that some vouchers are never redeemed which has had massive positive impact on her profit.

Victoria provided each of her practitioners with a login for Gift Up!. Their access is restricted so they can only redeem vouchers giving her peace of mind that the voucher sales and management can be accessed and controlled only by her.

The practitioners found it simple to use on their mobile phones, but some of the practitioners preferred to use the practice iPad.

Our biggest win at Bristol Massage Therapy is to have increased our sales by 20% and increased our profit. I now literally make sales when I sleep. I also think branded gift vouchers have really made us look much more professional as a business.
— Victoria Armstrong, Founder Bristol Massage Therapy