No monthly fees or setup costs

We charge a fee of 3.49% when a gift card is bought
(but you can opt for your customers to pay this if you prefer)



✔  No setup or hidden costs

✔  Pay only if you sell a gift card

✔  Gift Up! system is totally free to use

✔  You get paid on a rolling 2-day basis


A worked example: 

$50 gift card sold
$0.90 payment handling fee*
$1.75 our fee

$47.35 paid into your payment account instantly



* We use your Paypal or Stripe account to take payments, so the payment fee can vary between 1.4% and 2.9% based on where you are in the world (see Stripe fees and PayPal fees).

Our fee however, is fixed at 3.49% regardless of where you are in the world, as it should be...