No monthly fees or setup costs

We charge a fee of 3.49% when a gift card is bought
(but you can pass this on to your customers if you prefer)



Our Pay-As-You-Go plan is a great way to get started selling gift cards.

You don’t pay a cent until you sell a gift card, when you do, you’ll immediately receive 100% of the gift card revenue in full - we’ll invoice you for our 3.49% fee (subject to a $0.50 minimum).

Because you attach your own payment processor to Gift Up!, you’ll need to cover the cost of your own payment processing fees, and these are typically between 1.4% and 2.9%.


✓  No monthly or setup fees & no contract
✓  Pay our 3.49% fee only when you sell a gift card
✓  You get paid in full instantly
✓  You get to keep any expired/unused gift card value


P.S. You can elect to charge your customers a “service fee” when buying a gift card to cover these costs, and you’ll also get to keep any unused gift cards value (which usually runs at around 10-15% of overall sales - this more than covers these fees on it’s own!).


Don’t want to pay our 3.49% fee?

If a % based fee is not suitable for your business, we do offer the following plans as an alternative:

All paid plans:


✓ Are an annual contract & allowance
✓ Are in USD and paid in advance for the year
✓ Include 0% fee on gift card sales
✓ Include $0 fee for complimentary gift cards
✓ Include no Gift Up! branding


If the plans above are too small for your use case, get in touch, we have larger plans available.


Frequently asked pricing questions:

What if I go over the annual sales allowance?

That’s fine, we just charge a % fee on the sales over your included allowance at the following rates

  • Small plan: 3% on gift card sales over $15K per annum

  • Medium plan: 2.5% on gift card sales over $40K per annum

  • Large plan: 2% on gift card sales over $100K per annum

What if I don’t use up all my allowance?

We’ll add any unused revenue allowance onto your next year’s plan allowance, that way you do not lose anything if you buy a plan too large for this year.

What is a complimentary gift card?

These are gift cards in the Gift Up! system that did not originate from the Gift Up! drop-in checkout (your normal sales channel). They are typically created via our dashboard, our API/Zapier, or get imported into Gift Up! from another provider/spreadsheet.

They are typically used for managing your physical gift cards alongside your digital ones, all in one dashboard, or for issuing gift cards to customers at no charge, and even for marketing purposes.

The complimentary gift card allocation is independent of the gift card $ sales allocation. i.e. you can give away 2000 complimentary gift cards AND sell $15K of gift cards in a year on our small plan.

Does the Gift Up! fee include payment processing fees?

No. We use your Stripe/Square/PayPal account to take payments on your behalf, so they also charge a small fee which can vary based on your country (see Square, Stripe and PayPal). Our 3.49% fee does not include the payment processing fee levied by your Stripe/Square/PayPal account, but you can pass some or all of the combined Gift Up! & transaction fees to your customers.